Mark R. Stoddard, administrator of Central Valley Medical Center in Nephi, has been named president of the Utah Hospital Association.

The selection marks the first time a rural hospital administrator has been chosen for the position. The group represents all 53 of the state's hospitals and includes both rural and urban hospitals. Twenty-three of the state's hospitals are rural.The association serves as a quorum to establish the needs of hospitals in Utah and to provide solutions to problems hospitals face in the state. The group also lobbies on a state as well as a national level.

Stoddard served as chairman of the Council of Rural Hospitals last year, the year that council was organized.


"This speech is not going to change the minds of those people who think we are wrong (in the Persian Gulf) . . . but I think he has shown - and the Congress has shown - that in this action we are united, and that we are involved in a just cause." - Rep. Bill Orton, D-Utah, in response to President Bush's State of the Union address. (See story on page A2.)

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