Sudan's ambassador to Egypt appealed for world help Friday to fight swarms of locusts that threaten 5 million acres of farmland in his country, adding to the dangers facing Egypt's flood-ravaged southern neighbor.

Ambassador El-Amin Abdel-Latif said his government now was fighting rain, floods and locusts all at once.Torrential rains on Aug. 4-5 that caused flooding in northern, eastern and central Sudan killed 91 people and left more than 1.5 million homeless. More rains expected in Ethiopia, at the Nile River source, and the approaching annual Nile flood could worsen the disaster.

"The biggest worry to the government now are the locusts," Abdel-Latif said in pre-recorded remarks broadcast Friday on Cairo's state-run television. He said a locust invasion put 5 million acres of cultivated land in danger of destruction, including 200,000 acres of cotton, one of Sudan's main crops.

Sudan's agriculture minister said Wednesday that the rains and floods made for good breeding grounds for the locusts.