Aaron Morah gives of himself: He has donated more than 24 gallons of blood over the last half century.

"It helps other people. No other reason," Morah, 78, said. "When you give to someone who can use the help, it is a blessing. To donate blood is more than donating money."Morah began donating his type A positive in 1937, and pint No. 193 was given Nov. 28.

Good things have come of his generosity.

There was the 6-year-old child who had a hole in his heart and needed blood. "The kid invited me to his wedding," Morah said.

Some states refuse to take blood from people over 75, but Florida's cutoff is 85, and with a doctor's approval, it will take blood at any age.

"We need more people like him," said Leslie Manzini, director of special services at the American Red Cross Blood Service, South Florida region, where he is known as "one of the family."

Morah takes nothing in return for these donations.