Salt Lake Community Education presents "Gourmet Cooking Light and Lean" with gourmet cook, Mary Ross-Andrus. Gourmet Cooking Light and Lean is an eight-week course in gourmet cooking without the traditional fat, calories and cholesterol so often found in the preparation of gourmet food.

Each week participants will visit a new corner of the globe where they will learn to substitute high-calorie, fat- and cholesterol-dense ingredients and cooking methods for heart-healthy cooking techniques and ingredients to achieve the rich flavors and textures each region is famous for. Participants will also learn to make sense out of product labels and nutrition information. This course is a fun and effective way to help people change negative cooking and eating behaviors for ones that are healthier and more nutritionally sound.Class begins Wednesday, Jan. 30, at 6:30 p.m. at East Community School located at 840 S. 1300 East in Salt Lake City. The cost of the course is $35. There is also an additional food-and-supplies fee of $45 which entitles participants to a complete gourmet meal each week.

For registration and further course information, call East High Community School at 584-2901.