The newest Pepperidge Farm treats are "Pecan Shortbread" and "Chocolate and Toffee Chip" cookies. The cookies come in a 5.5-ounce package that retails for $1.29.

Kay Hadley: "Pecan Shortbread cookies not only look delicious, they are delicious! They are light, crisp and full of flavor. Pepperidge Farm produces quality products, and they've certainly done it again with their Pecan Shortbread cookies."Don Russell: " `Light and crispy' aptly describes these new light cookies from Pepperidge Farm. These cookies are rather tasteless except for the small chocolate and toffee chips. Considering the flavor and price, we were not impressed."

Doris Wilding: "We had the chocolate toffee chips and they were wonderful! Pepperidge Farm did itself proud. This is a cookie to use for all occasions. Try them; at $1.29 a package, they are a bargain."

Judy Slack: "I had the pecan shortbread and they were good, yummy and wonderful. However, the price per cookie is a little bit much for me to buy very often."

Edyth Jensen: "The toffee chips are a fun addition to these chocolate chip cookies. They add just enough toffee flavor for interest. They will be good for a change once in awhile if you purchase Pepperidge Farm cookies."

Linda C. Tingey: "I really liked the pecan cookies and thought they were delicious. A couple of my boys didn't care for the pecans, but the cookies sure disappeared in a hurry. They were dry, and I only wish there were more in the package!"

Conclusion: With an almost unanimous hurrah from our panelists, the tasty little Pepperidge Farm cookies are a must-try.

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