Well drilling, X-ray imaging and a laser probe are among the inventions by Utah residents resulting in patents from the United States Patent Office.

Thomas H. Wood, Roy. An apparatus for use in removing a bearing from its support mounting. Filed Aug. 7, 1989. Patent 4,977,661.George D. Hessenthaler, Murray. Multiple angle jointer and planer knives for woodworking machines. Filed Feb. 16, 1990. Patent 4,977,937.

Jeffrey J. Schwoebel, South Jordan, and Terry L. Logan, Park City. A gob methane drainage process for use in coal mining operations. Assigned to Resource Enterprises Inc., Salt Lake City. Filed Oct. 26, 1989. Patent 4,978,172.

Joseph R. Bentley, Holladay. A laser-energizable thermal probe assembly for medical treatment. Assigned to HGM Medical Laser Systems Inc., Salt Lake City. Filed Aug. 11, 1989. Patent 4,978,346.

Gregory H. Kisor, West Jordan, James F. Parker, Provo, and Edward J. King, Fremont, Calif. Method and apparatus for vector quantization by hashing. Assigned to Information Technologies Research Inc., Utah. Filed Jan. 30, 1989. Patent 4,979,039.

Carl C. Ketcham, Bennion. Method and apparatus for acoustic measurement of mud flow downhole. Assigned to Baker Hughes Inc., Houston. Filed July 17, 1990, a continuation of application May 11, 1988. Patent 4,979,112.

Robert A. Kruger, Salt Lake City. Enhancement system for X-ray imaging. Assigned to Innovative Imaging Sciences Inc., Salt Lake City. Filed May 10, 1989, a continuation of application May 23, 1988. Patent 4,979,201.

Scott R. Watterson, River Heights. Exercise cycle console. Assigned to Proform Fitness Products Inc., Logan. Filed March 21, 1989, a division of application filed April 17, 1986. Design patent 313,055.

Copies of patents are available by number for $1.50 from Box 9, Patent and Trademark Office, Washington DC 20231.