With new postal rates set to go into effect next Sunday, the U.S Postal Service is working to make purchase of new stamps easier.

The Postal Service is offering a Stamps by Phone Program through which individuals and businesses can purchase stamps without standing in long lines at local post offices.Those wanting to use this service should call 1 (800) STAMPS24. VISA, MasterCard and Discover Card can be used to make the purchase which will entail a $3 service charge for each purchase. Stamps will be delivered within five days.

The postal service is currently issuing a non-denominated "Flower Stamp" that will be used on first-class mail until the approved 29-cent stamps are available. Some 8 billion flower stamps have been printed. In addition, a non-denominated special stamp worth 4 cents is also available for use with existing 25-cent stamps when the new rates go into effect.

Consumers may also purchase stamps by mail using a postage-free form available at local post offices or from letter carriers. Customers simply enclose a check to cover the amount and stamps will be mailed back in three to five days.