The governing boards of Alta View, Cottonwood and LDS hospitals have been consolidated into one board to oversee operations valleywide.

"As America struggles with the questions of how health care is delivered and how it's financed, we're changing a number of hospital functions to help us increase our efficiency and better utilize our shrinking resources," said Gary Wm. Farnes, chief executive officer, in a press release.The hospitals' operating company, Intermountain Health Care, began pooling resources in 1989, a move they say saved more than $36 million. Shared services include laundry, purchasing, financing and data processing.

In the board consolidation, 13 administrative positions were pared to eight. Departments at the three facilities run under one manager or team. Traditional board functions, such as quality management, medical staff credentialing, planning and finance, and community relations, will be handled on a valleywide basis, Farnes said.

The new governing board is chaired by Richard J. Galbraith, formerly chairman of the Cottonwood Hospital board of trustees.