Age: 46

Born: Oakland, Calif.

Family: wife, Jeanne; children, Patrick, 19; Megan, 15.

Education: High school and college degrees from Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit, at which he was studying for the Catholic priesthood. Was high school student-body president. Earned master of arts degree in English from Wayne State Univeristy in Detroit in 1971.

Occupation: Trained in several vocations, including school teacher, insurance company claims manager, realtor and city public works director.


Size: 90 square miles\ Population: 160,000\ Budget: General fund, $86.3 million. Total: $296.9 million.

Number of Employees: Approximately 2,200.

Mayor's salary: $50,000\


Politics: Democrat\ First "real" job: Teacher at St. Marys of the Wasatch High School. He taught English, history and social studies.

Management style: Very participatory. "I have policy action committee meetings every Tuesday. I get input from everyone right around the table. I like to get input from the key people. We haggle, argue and play devil's advocate. Everyone feels free."

Why I like being mayor: "I like the people the most - working with the community and trying to create a political environment where the people themselves get something done. I like to get people involved and help the decision process get going. I like managing the city. I see myself as the CEO of a large corporation."

Why I hate being mayor: "Signing tons of paperwork and attending long meetings."

Recipe for success: "I feel most successful when the community is involved and participating. When the people are involved in the political process, you get a majority decision."

A memorable failure: "I look at failure differently than most people. There is a difference between failure and not getting the results you want. Failure is a word I try not to use in my vocabulary. If I work hard and do all the right things, I don't feel like I've failed, even if the outcome isn't the way I'd like it to be." Examples in his life include: Working for a masters of theology degree and getting married instead.; earning a pilot's license and letting it lapse; earning a realtor's license and letting it go because he couldn't earn enough money.

Heroes: Thomas Jefferson - "I see him as a great American and a great politician." Martin Luther King - "He was a great American who gave us the permission to dream and to take on global issues with an attitude toward success."

Leisure: "I'm a jogger, not a runner. I love outdoor sports in general, such as hiking, camping and bicycling."

Favorite book: "To Kill a Mockingbird," by Harper Lee. "It deals with the fabric of human behavior over the issue of prejudice, which is such a barrier to the world moving forward."

Favorite movie: "Fiddler on the Roof."