The eyes were wet, the voice was low, the anguish was clear.

This was not the way it was supposed to come out for Scott Norwood."You dream about those kicks," Norwood said of the biggest kick of his life, a 47-yarder to win the Super Bowl. "You make them."

Norwood didn't make this one in the final seconds and the New York Giants escaped with a 20-19 victory on Sunday.

"I hit it solid," he said. "I planted and I hit it and it didn't draw back. After I hit it, I could see it wasn't starting to draw. I put an angle on it, but it was not getting the draw."

He stopped to compose himself, then said, softly, "You just have to go forward, not look back."

Norwood had made only one of five kicks from outside the 40 this season. He is deadly inside the 40, but the Bills couldn't get him any closer on their final, desperate drive.

"I thought I could make it and I got plenty of distance," he said. "I had the one opportunity there and didn't do the job."

While many Giants and Bills on the sidelines did not watch the kick - some even kneeled in prayer - Norwood did not have that luxury. As he saw the kick sail through the air toward fame of failure, he said his mind was "sort of blank."

Then he realized he had missed.

"I can't describe that," he said. "It was an empty feeling."

His teammates tried to console Norwood. Not that they were in total control of their emotions, either.

"There were many things said," he noted. "They said, `It's not your fault, there were many other ways we could've won the game.' We had a lot of opportunities and didn't do it."