Iraq said Monday that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak would meet the same fate as his assassinated predecessor, An-war Sadat.

The threat against the leader of the Arab world's most populous country came only hours after Egypt's minister of state for foreign affairs, Boutros Ghali, said Cairo could coexist with Saddam Hussein even if the Iraqi leader survived the war to liberate Kuwait.The radio also quoted an Iraqi war communique as saying Iraqi air defense batteries shot down three allied "aerial targets during 118 allied air raids" against civilian populated areas and Iraqi troops that took place from Sunday morning through Monday.

It said one allied plane crashed in "a blaze of fire" in Turkey.

The radio, which now calls itself the Voice of the Mother of All Battles, said Mubarak "sold the dignity of his people for dollars."

"Mubarak is not listening to the voice of his people and will face the same fate" as Sadat, who was killed by Islamic fundamentalists, Iraqi radio said.

It was the latest in a series of personal attacks by Iraq against Mubarak, who has sent up to 45,000 troops to serve alongside the U.S.-led force in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

But the commentary on Iraqi Radio avoided similar attacks on Syrian President Hafez al Assad, who is also a partner in the coalition against Saddam.

Observers in Cairo believe Iraq was still hoping to persuade Syria to shift its policy, particularly in case Israel became directly involved in the war.