Ann Deeben quickly tired of seeing anti-war protesters taking the limelight in the Persian Gulf crisis.

She does not have a brother or husband in the Middle East, but she feels enough like the 470,000-plus troops there are her brothers and sisters that she organized a support rally at the State Capitol Jan. 18 and a second rally yesterday with the hope of countering some of the morale-busting news the troops are getting on television."All they see on TV is all of these (anti-war) protests. It's hard on morale."

Deeben describes herself as being too shy to speak in public. She still can't believe she got up the nerve to get permits from the state and the Salt Lake City Police Department needed for the rally. "I was thrilled half to death that people came," she said after the first rally.

Now her frustration has turned into a passion that finds her spending the better part of each day on the telephone in her West Valley home, making lists of people and activities to support U.S. troops in the Persian Gulf. "I have received lots of phone calls, long distance and everything, asking what we're going to do next."

A number of the wives of Utah troops participating in Operation Desert Storm are working with her as part of "Operation Family Front."