Advertising agency Fotheringham and Associates, 215 S. State, has received a silver medal and three finalist awards at the International Film and TV Festival in New York City, which attracted 4,136 commercials and campaigns from 43 countries.

Fotheringham won the silver medal in the media promotion/television campaign category for a three-spot television campaign for the Television Association of Salt Lake.The three finalist awards came for the Utah Transit Authority's "Half the Traffic" given in the best 10-second or 15-second single-entry category; "Keep and Eye on the Market/Reading/Ready to Work" in the local under $15,000 campaign category; and Valley Bank & Trust's "Cancun" spot as a single entry in the same category.

In the campaign that won the silver medal, Rod Miller was the copywriter, Paul Christensen, art director; Bruce Neibaur, director, and T. C. Christensen, producer, both of Visual Transit Authority.