The chief executives of Utah's largest employers (100 or more employees) rate the effectiveness of their employee communication programs below all other aspects of their communication activities, according to a survey by Evans Communications Inc.

Overall, communication programs aimed at employees rated 12 percent below communication programs directed at customers and clients. Study director Wayne Evans said the executives who responded to the survey rated their ability to get employees to understand their total compensation package at 5.89 on a scale of 0-10, with 10 being high.Rated highest at 7.75 was business' ability to get consumers and clients to know and appreciate their products and services, which was 13 percent higher than employees' understanding of their compensation package.

The survey was sent to 685 of Utah's largest employers, and the chief executives were asked to rate the effectiveness of their communication programs as they relate to owners and constituents, the financial community, consumers and clients and employees.

After receiving 122 responses, Evans said the chief executives rated the effectiveness of their programs to keep the financial community informed and enthusiastic about their organizations as very low. It had a mean score of 6.66, lower than most communication programs.

High in the ratings (7.47) was management's ability to keep owners and constituents informed and enthusiastic about the progress and prospects of the company or organization.