The Sharir Dance Company of Austin, Texas, will share the stage with the Repertory Dance Theatre on Saturday, Feb. 2, for a joint concert in Kingsbury Hall.

The 8 p.m. program, the second of RDT's 25th anniversary season, will include choreographies by Jacov Sharir, Jose Bustamente, Monica Levy and Charles Moulton. Admission is $10 single, $5 for students, available in advance at Kingsbury Hall.In residence at the University of Texas, the Sharir Company places a major emphasis on collaborative works that incorporate elements of dance, poetry, text and vocals. The company has its roots in the American Deaf Dance Company, which Israeli-born Jacov Sharir founded in 1978. However, after three years he found the challenge too great to continue alone, and in 1982 reorganized his company with hearing dancers.

The Sharir Company now has 12 members, and like RDT is a repertory company that performs works by such prestigious contemporary choreographers as David Gordon and Merce Cunningham. The Sharir Company has also co-performed with nationally renowned companies including those of Eiko and Koma, Trisha Brown and Margaret Jenkins.

Such engagements are in accord with Sharir's belief that co-presenting, sharing an evening's bill with other companies, not only provides dancers with an opportunity to interact, but helps small companies to engage new supporters, including audiences in far-flung places. Sharir initiated the National Touring Network to facilitate such interchanges among dance troupes nationally. In April, RDT will travel to Austin to perform with Sharir.

Sharir's contributions to Saturday's program will include "Tion," choreographed by Jose Luis Bustamante, with text by Jorge Luis Borges - "an ethereal work that draws its images and impressions from life on an imaginary planet." "My White Cow" by Sharir deals with the concept of flight, and his "Uomo nella Luna," with poetry by Christopher Middleton, is based on the charged conflict between chaos and order.

RDT will dance two repertory favorites. "Don't Look Back" is by Monica Levy, a pure movement piece set to Bach's Double Concerto for Two Violins in D minor. Charle Moulton's "Nine Person Precision Ball Passing," with its three tiers of dancers, requires the utmost in hand-eye coordination.