State licensing authorities have accused a Midvale dentist of illegally prescribing drugs to an addicted patient he had met in a drug rehabilitation program, a petition said.

Dr. John W. Myers had been previously disciplined by the military and the state for abusing prescription medication, the petition said, and was in a drug rehabilitation program where he encouraged others in the program to come to him for dental treatment.According to the petition issued by the state Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing, a woman in the program sought dental treatment from Myers.

He would prescribe drugs to a woman on condition that she give half of the drugs back to him. The petition said Myers knew the woman was addicted to drugs and that the medication he was prescribing to her was for their own non-medical use.

The petition also said Myers admitted to prescribing excessive quantities of drugs to other friends and taking the extras during social visits at their homes.

Myers was arrested last November for violating the state's controlled substances laws, after the woman patient notified licensing authorities of his activities.

The arrest followed an incident where the woman, under the direction of division investigators, gave half of a prescription she had received from Myers back to him as he had requested.

The division is seeking sanctions against Myers' licenses to practice dentistry and prescribe medication.