The State Bar of California was unable to agree Saturday on regulations governing sexual relationships between attorneys and their clients.

None of three proposals, including one agreed to Friday by a Bar committee, could muster support in voting by the full board at its regular meeting Saturday, Bar spokeswoman Ann Charles said.The Committee on Admissions and Competence decided without a vote to submit to the full board a compromise proposal intended to satisfy a 1989 state law ordering the professional group to come up with a rule addressing sexual conduct.

The rule, unchanged from the form approved by the committee during its October meeting, is known as Draft Rule D and orders that a barrister cannot "require or demand sexual relations with a client as condition of representation employ coercion or intimidation in entering into sexual relations with a client."

The rule would have been the first in the nation geared specifically toward sex between clients and lawyers.

Charles said the board voted three times - once on a more restrictive measure, on the softened version agreed to in committee and then on a compromise between the two - but was unable to approve any one.