The Marxist-led Yugoslav army broadcast a film Friday purportedly containing secretly taped meetings of Croatian officials plotting the slayings of soldiers and their families in "a civil war in which there will be no mercy for anybody."

The 40-minute film, shown on state-run Belgrade Television, also contained what were said to be recordings of Croatian Democratic Union officials, including the republic's Defense Secretary Martin Spegelj and Interior Minister Josip Boljkovac, discussing the importation of huge quantities of weapons.In one conversation, Spegelj was shown saying that the Croatian nationalist government of President Franjo Tudjman, which ousted communists from power in free elections in April, had "support in the West and two days ago, the Americans offered us 1,000 armored personnel carriers."

There was no immediate reaction from secession-minded Croatia, where the film was not broadcast.

"We have not given, we have not offered and we have not promised any military assistance to Croatia," U.S. Ambassador Warren Zimmer-man said in a statement.

The broadcast came as Tudjman held critical talks in Belgrade with his Serbian communist rival, Slobo-dan Milosevic, and the country's eight-member collective presidency met its second emergency session in less than a week. Tudjman later joined in the discussions, officials said. It was not known if Milosevic was also included.