Players with Utah collegiate ties will be on both sides of Tampa Stadium when Super Bowl XXV is played Sunday. Bart Oates will be the starting center for the NFC Champion New York Giants while Hal Garner will be a special teams starter and backup linebacker for the AFC Champion Buffalo Bills.

Oates played for BYU, finishing his playing career there in 1982. Garner played for Utah State. His last season as an Aggie was 1984.Having an Aggie and a Cougar in the Super Bowl isn't anything unusual. Both schools also had alumni in last year's game, and for the past five years their respective showings have been prolific. Utah State has had ex-Aggies in four of the past five Super Bowls, while BYU has gone five-for-five.

BYU's Super Bowl attendance record goes even deeper than that. This marks the 12th straight year the Cougars have had at least one former player in the NFL's championship game.

A grand total of 14 ex-Cougars have played in the Super Bowl since 1980, totaling 20 appearances among them. In addition, a Cougar has been on the winning Super Bowl team for the past 11 years in a row.

Five ex-Aggies have played in the Super Bowl since 1981, for a total of seven appearances among them. They have been shut out of any titles, however.

Here's the BYU/Utah State Super Bowl roster for the past 12 years:

1980 - Gordon Gravelle, OL, BYU, Los Angeles Rams.

1981 - Marc Wilson, QB, and Todd Christensen, TE, BYU, Oakland Raiders; Louie Giammona, RB, USU, Philadelphia Eagles.

1982 - Bill Ring, RB/ST, BYU, San Francisco 49ers.

1983 - Mat Mendenhall, DL, BYU, Washington Redskins.

1984 - Wilson and Christensen, Los Angeles Raiders.

1985 - Ring, Tom Holmoe, DB, BYU, and Todd Shell, LB, BYU, San Francisco 49ers.

1986 - Jim McMahon, QB, BYU, Chicago Bears.

1987 - Bart Oates, C, BYU, New York Giants; Solomon Miller, WR, USU, Greg Kragen, DL, USU and Rulon Jones, DL, USU, Denver Broncos.

1988 - Kurt Gouveia, LB, BYU, Washington Redskins; Kragen and Jones, Denver Broncos.

1989 - Holmoe and Steve Young, QB, BYU, San Francisco 49ers; Leon White, LB, BYU, Lee Johnson, P, BYU, and Jason Buck, DL, BYU, Cincinnati Bengals.

1990 - Steve Young, San Francisco 49ers; Kragen, Denver Broncos.

1991 - Oates and Garner.