Two New York men were charged Tuesday in connection with the confiscation of 215 pounds of marijuana on I-15 near Nephi.

Utah Highway Patrol Sgt. Paul Mangelson said Mark Edward Poole, 27, and John F. Wood, 27, both of Buffalo, N.Y, were arrested at 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday.The two were stopped, Mangelson said, when he and Trooper Lance Bushnell, who was riding in the same patrol car, noticed a 1980 Chevy flatbed truck weaving on the highway. "We stopped them because we suspected the driver was DUI (driving under the influence)," said Mangelson.

Once the truck was stopped, said Mangelson, he and Bushnell noticed the bed seemed to be 8 to 10 inches higher than it should have been. They searched the vehicle and said they found the marijuana valued of approximately $500,000.

Don Eyre Jr., Juab County attorney, said the two were charged with one count each with a second-degree felony for possession of marijuana in excess of 100 pounds in 4th Circuit Court in Nephi. The two are being held in Juab County Jail, and bail has been set at $5,000 each.