Police in helicopters raided a drug cartel hideaway Friday and freed the kidnapped daughter of a former president. But she was shot by her captors during the battle and died a few hours later, police said.

Three kidnappers were killed in the shootout, Radio Caracol said. At least two police officers were injured.Diana Turbay, 38, a magazine publisher and daughter of former president Julio Cesar Turbay, was brought from the fighting to Medellin General Hospital. She died several hours later after surgery, a National Police spokeswoman said.

The cartel, which has been negotiating for the conditional surrender of its leaders, issued a statement declaring a renewed state of war with the government of President Cesar Gaviria.

Officials said that Friday's raid, and the drug cartel's angry response, would mean the end of the government's peace strategy to end the drug wars that have claimed nearly 600 lives in the past 17 months.

About 120 police officers took part in Friday's raid at the town of Guarne, 10 miles northwest of Medellin, police said.