Have you heard about the new lift that's coming to Snowbird?

One that guarantees to pick you up and take you away from world problems for awhile?It's called comedy.

And the Second City is the vehicle.

For 30 years, audiences have flocked to an old Chinese laundry building in Chicago's Old Town to enter a "temple of satire," the Second City comedy club.

The Second City concept is simple - less is more - and has always been translated by six or seven actors who enliven an empty stage with topical comedy sketches. Using few props and costumes, the ensemble creates slice-of-life satires, which lampoon our lives politically, socially and culturally.

The troupe improvises on ideas suggested by the audience, producing hilarious, bizarre and often unpredictable skits. Having to use their wits on the spot, actors create new situations and unique characters, perhaps to be used later in a comedy review presented at the club.

In 1967, heavy demand for performances outside Chicago necessitated the creation of a touring company. Today, new talent has an opportunity to grow and develop through the "farm system." Wannabe-comedians must audition for entrance into this "training camp." Competition is stiff for the one or two spots that open up each year.

All hope to get their chance at comedy big time, like Second City alumni Dan Aykroyd, Alan Alda, Stiller and Meara, and Shelly Long. One member of the Second City who played in Salt Lake City last year is now on Carol Burnett's new TV show, "Carol & Company."

The Second City will appear at the Golden Cliff Room at Snowbird on Wednesday, Jan. 30, for two shows only, at 7:30 and 9:30 p.m. Tickets are $15 and available at the Snowbird Office of Entertainment and Special Events. For reservations and information, call 521-6040, extension 4080.