More Utah State University graduates are succeeding in getting jobs than at any time in the past 10 years, according to an annual survey by the school.

The survey, conducted by the USU Career Placement Office, shows that 98.9 percent of the class of 1987 were employed, obtaining further schooling or not seeking work. Only 1.1 percent wanted work but couldn't find it.The survey was based on reports of 1,469 graduates and was taken a year after their graduation.

The 1.1 percent unemployment level was better than the 2.5 percent shown a year ago, and is "the lowest percentage unemployed in the 10 years the survey has been conducted," said USU Provost Peter E. Wagner.

"The rate of unemployment is far below even the currently favorable rate of the work force in general, which is 5 percent in Utah and 5.3 percent nationally," he said.

Of those surveyed, 74 percent are employed full time and 3 percent part time. Twenty percent are continuing their education and 2 percent are not seeking employment.

About 94 percent are employed in jobs related to their university training.