John Evans, regarded as the world's oldest man, celebrated his 111th birthday Friday with his rules for a long life: don't smoke, drink or swear but treat yourself to honey and a song.

The chipper Welshman, who lives with his 77-year-old son and his wife, told the BBC that much of his good health comes from a good diet with plenty of vegetables."But some part of it is taking hot water in the morning . . . (with) a small bit of honey. I've been doing that since I retired and that's going on 38 years (ago)," the former miner told BBC radio in an interview at his home in FForest-Fach near Swansea in South Wales.

"Honey is great," said Evans. "I get plenty of that on my birthday."

Singing helps, too. "I've been doing that since I was a little boy. Going to Sunday school, I'd sing, plenty of it," he said, breaking into a Welsh song.

But Evans vetoes some things.

"I say this definitely: no drink and no smoking of any kind. And no cursing and swearing, which is disturbing (to) the nerves," he said.

Evans, born in 1877, began working in the mines when he was 13 and stopped work at 73 only when his company forced him to retire.

Anna Nicholas, spokeswoman for The Guinness Book of Records, said Evans is considered the oldest living man because he has a birth certificate to prove his age.