Gary Gaetti agreed to an $11.4 million, four-year contract with the California Angels.

Gaetti, a former All-Star third baseman, spent the afternoon talking it over with his wife and then turned down Minnesota's final offer of $7.1 million over four years plus the chance for another $4.5 million in performance bonuses.Gaetti opted for California's offer of $2.7 million in each of the 1991 and 1992 seasons and $3 million in each of the final two years.

In addition, six players in salary arbitration agreed to contracts, reducing the remaining players in arbitration to 125.

Texas pitcher Bobby Witt got the biggest deal, a three-year contract worth $7.3 million. Others who agreed were Houston pitcher Jim Deshaies, St. Louis pitcher Joe Magrane, Atlanta pitcher Mark Grant, Twins second baseman Nelson Liriano and California outfielder Max Venable.

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