A man in a white tuxedo stepped out of a white stretch limousine, strode into an inner-city supermarket and distributed a wad of $50 bills to about 50 astonished shoppers.

No one knew who the man was or where he came from when he started handing out the bills Thursday to shoppers in the checkout line of the Farmer Jack store on Detroit's near east side.Assistant store manager Cardell Collins estimated that about 50 people in the store got the money.

"He flew in, dropped in and flew out," Collins said.

Bag checker Arnaz Gaddy said when the mysterious stranger came into the store, he asked, "Are they checking out?" and then started handing out $50 bills.

"A lot of people were stunned," Gaddy said. "They didn't know what was going on. It was one big surprise."

Lank Wilson, a shopper, said the man marched down to the fifth checkout line and then started passing out the money.

"I know you need more, I know you need more," Wilson said the stranger told people as he handed them the $50 bills.

Store personnel described the benefactor as a white-haired, middle-aged white man accompanied by a man in a black suit.