Insisting that allied bombers are not specifically hunting down Saddam Hussein, a Pentagon official said Friday the Iraqi president might find himself in the wrong place at the wrong time as warplanes zero in on command and control facilities.

The Washington Post quoted a senior U.S. government official as saying warplanes were dispatched last week to bomb a site where allied intelligence officials believed Saddam was staying. But the mission was scrubbed because a storm prevented bombers from striking the site.A Pentagon official repeated the official U.S. line that allied troops are targeting for bombing missions strategic facilities, not individuals such as Saddam.

"He's the commander in chief of his armed forces. So, often, he might be in a command and control facility while we're going after it, so he could easily become - just by virtue of his presence in the command and control facility - subject to attack," the official said.

He said if the war was being played out on U.S. soil, surely Saddam's forces would target American strategic sites.

"If you were attacking the United States, wouldn't you target the Pentagon, where the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff works? Would you be accused of attacking the Pentagon or the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff?" he said.