New bills filedSB102 (Finlinson) - Establishes application procedures and criteria for the sale or lease of Utah water for use in another state.

SB103 (Beattie) - Revises planning and zoning section of the Utah Code.

SB104 (Rees) - Expands the time period for reporting campaign contributions and expenditures and increases number of dates for filing financial statements.

SB105 (Hillyard) - Amends tax credit of interest income from state and federal securities.

SB106 (Finlinson) - Clarifies the rates of taxation for gross-receipts tax.

SB107 (Myrin) - Requires that classified employees in the state's higher education system be subject to salary-disclosure policies.

SB108 (Myrin) - Clarifies powers, duties and function of the Utah Sports Authority.

SCR5 (McMullin) - Recognizes the Utah Emergency Medical Organization for using cardiopulmonary resuscitation to save lives.

SCR6 (Holmgren) - Honors Ila Marie -Goodey as state and national Golden Rule Award winner.

SJR9 (Hillyard) - Endorses and supports efforts to attract conferences to Utah, including the 1995 annual conference of the American Legislative Exchange Council.

HB192 (Dmitrich) - Clarifies the distribution and licensing process at both the wholesaling and brewery levels for alcoholic beverages.

HB193 (Atkinson) - Removes the sales tax exemption for steel mills and related items.

HB194 (Johnson) - Clarifies which population figures are to be used in distributing liquor-control funds.

HB195 (Jensen) - Clarifies provisions on interest in personal injury actions.

HB196 (Stephens) - Provides for criminal background investigations of employees of youth programs, and clarifies the law in terms of background checks on child-care employees.

HB197 (LeBaron) - Provides a $750,000 appropriation to develop Pioneer Trails State Park.

HB198 (Milner) - Creates an environmental license plate and creates a special account for environmental uses.

HB199 (Nelson) - Amends the hazardous waste disposal fee.

HB200 (Frandsen) - Provides for an increase in the state guarantee on voted and board leeways.

HB201 (Nelson) - Allows authorities to contract for mental health services at the Utah State Prison.

HB202 (Milner) - Establishes a task force relating to pay equity and comparable worth.

HB203 (LeBaron) - Changes the fee for personalized license plates.

HB204 (Ostler) - Regulates the storage and disposal of property of prison inmates.

HB205 (Bradshaw) - Amends provisions dealing with proceeds received by criminals relating to lawsuits.

HB206 (J.R. Hunter) - Requires cities and counties to submit creation and renewal of redevelopment agencies to the public and provides for expiration of redevelopment agencies.

HCR18 (Haymond) - Designates April 1991 as Utah International Friendship Month.

HCR19 (Burningham) - Recognizes Jan. 28, 1991, as Utah Opera Appreciation Day.

HJR19 (Yardley, Slack) - Designates Oct. 14-25 as Huntsman Chemical's World Senior Games.

Bills passed both houses:

SB16 (C.A. Peterson) - Clarifies when a felony conviction can be entered and sentenced as a misdemeanor.