The call-up of the Utah National Guard's 1457th Engineering Battalion has put a dent in law enforcement in Nephi and Juab County.

Of the 12 employees in the county sheriff's office, three are members of the National Guard. Two deputies and one dispatcher have been called up.Nephi City will lose one full-time officer, Randy Gould, from its department of five. The department is already down one since former Police Chief Wayne Holadridge left to become Riverdale's police chief.

The five Utah Highway Patrol members who work in Juab County will lose trooper Randy Ingram.

A county road department employee, Jim Stephenson, was also called up.

Carter, who recently received a commendation from the National Guard for supporting his employees who serve in the Guard, met with county commissioners on Tuesday and received permission to hire three temporary replacements for the officers and to find out if retired employees would be willing to fill slots for the officers if they are called to active duty.

Carter said Chad Bowles, one of the deputies on alert, performed most investigations for the department, and replacing him would be difficult. Deputies LuWayne Walker and jailer/dispatcher Gary Lofgran, the others on alert, will require replacements, said Carter.

"We are obligated to hold their jobs for them," said Carter. Permanent replacements will not be hired, he said.

The most logical solution, said Commissioner Ike Lunt, would be to hire temporary replacements to do the jail work. The employees currently doing that work could become deputies since all of the county sheriff's department employees are certified.