Jordan Board of Education will study a proposal that its vehicle fueling facility be incorporated into a statewide system.

The board heard a presentation this week by Neal Francom of the state Department of Administrative Services, outlining a plan promoted by Gov. Norm Bangerter to create such a system.The state proposal, the result of a task force study, would reduce risk of environmental damage caused by tank leaks and help tank owners meet standards of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Costs for government entities also would be reduced if vehicles could be fueled at sites across the state. For one thing, they could avoid paying fuel taxes by refilling at government-owned sites when they were away from their home bases, he said.

Jordan's fueling facility, located adjacent to Mount Jordan Middle School, 9400 South and 300 East, would be expected to allow vehicles from Sandy City, Salt Lake County and state government offices, including the Utah Highway Patrol, to refuel at the site round the clock.

Central management and accounting would likely save the individual units money, Francom said.

The Legislature, now in session, is considering the proposal for a statewide system, he said.

Member Jane Callister said expanding the use of the Jordan facility would increase traffic in "a site that is already crowded." The proximity of the school and the safety of students must be considered, she said.