Salt Lake City animal-control officials hope two cougars spotted in a west-side industrial area over the weekend have headed back to the hills.

Lou Lynes, city animal-control director, said the lack of confirmed sightings the past two days may be evidence that the cougars, believed to be a mother and her young cub, have decided city life isn't all its cracked up to be."Cats don't like to be tracked, especially by dogs, and we hope they may be heading back to the Oquirrh's (mountains)," Lynes said. "Those scent dogs make a lot of racket with their howling and barking and we think this may have convinced the cougars to head back."

Lynes said cougar tracks along a set of railroad tracks leading into the city from the west indicates the cougars may have been following deer. He said the last confirmed sighting was Sunday afternoon near Nector's Cafe. Tracking dogs brought in on Monday and Tuesday have failed to turn up any evidence of the cougars. Combined with the lack of any confirmed sightings since, officials believe the cougars have had their fill of city life.