The board of governors of the Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce has taken a stand on several issues being considered by the Legislature.

After an explanation by David Bird, chairman of the chamber's State Legislative Action Committee, the board took action on these items, some which have achieved bill status and others that haven't and are still ideas, including:- Support a bill providing criminal sanctions for participation in illegal credit card factoring.

- Oppose a bill that would require the State Tax Commission to collect sales and use taxes monthly instead of quarterly.

- Support encouraging the State Tax Commission to use electronic fund transfers of the sales and use taxes to local government, the entities for whom the taxes are collected.

- Support SB36, which provides an exemption from the sales tax for sale of certain items that use cleaner-burning fuels, such as conversion of automobile engines to burn propane. This is one of the recommendations from Gov. Norm Bangerter's Clean Air Commission.