HB181 (Harward) - Provides that a municipality cannot lose its water rights solely through non-use.

HB182 (Voigt) - Eliminates unnecessary provisions in the state revenue and taxation code.

HB183 (Lyon) - Amends the penalty for failure to file an annual report or maintain a registered agent for limited partnerships.

HB184 (M. Brown) - Revises various state personnel management sections.

HB185 (Fox) - Adds a driver's license appointment rescheduling fee, clarifies driver's license expiration dates and amends driver's license hearing conditions.

HB186 (Jensen) - Provides a procedural process for subordinate municipal officers, members or agents suspended by the chief of a department.

HB187 (Protzman) - Allows county clerks extra time to process mail-in voter registration applications.

HB188 (Young) - Increases the jurisdictional amount of small claims courts.

HB189 (Pignanelli) - Provides that criminal negligence is sufficient to constitute the crime of cruelty to animals.

HB190 (Jones) - Requires animals riding in the back of trucks to be enclosed rather than tethered.

HB191 (Nelson) - Requires candidates for public office to be listed alphabetically by office on election ballots.

HJR16 (Harward) - Honors Ty Detmer for winning the 1990 Heisman Trophy.

HJR17 (Tuttle, Yardley) - Endorses legislation requiring plaintiffs and appellants to be financially responsible for social damages.

HJR18 (Burningham) - Commends the Utah Humanities Council and expresses support for the Utah Humanities Resource Center.

HCR17 (Pignanelli) - Honors the centennial of the formation of the Catholic Diocese of Utah.


SB100 (Black) - Requires lists of gubernatorial nominees to be submitted to all Senate members.

SB101 (Storey) - Allows reviews of an original mental health commitment hearing and allows courts to appoint mental health commissions.

SCJ4 (Hillyard) - Recognizes Utah's Mothers Inc. for its outstanding work to strengthen the family.