Barbara Bush, worried about American children getting "terrible nightmares," is advising parents not to let children watch television coverage of the war by themselves.

"It's very scary" for children, said the first lady, who has had to calm her own grandchildren and explain the conflict wasn't in their back yard. "My kids aren't different than anyone else's," Mrs. Bush told reporters Wednesday."Parents should monitor their children and just be sure that they're understanding what they're seeing so they're not getting terrible nightmares," the first lady said.

Children should be allowed to watch the televised war coverage only if "very carefully monitored with their parents," she said. She said she had reassured her grandchildren after they saw pictures of the Iraqi bombing of Tel Aviv.

Her comments on the war were her first since breaking her leg while sledding at Camp David, Md., on Jan. 13 with President Bush and their grandchildren. She was walking Wednesday with an ornate African cane.

How is the president taking the war?

"He's wonderful. He's steady and stable and calm. He's on the phone a lot. He's like anybody else. Every single one of those soldiers are his," she said.