University of Utah sports information director Bruce Woodbury - "Woody" to those who know him well - has been a fixture on the hill for 16 years. And he's been wearing a toupee for the same amount of time.

But this summer Woody discarded his rug for what he calls "the low maintenance look."The matter came to a, um, head in late July. Woodbury was struggling to ready himself for work one morning when he decided it wasn't worth the trouble. "I thought to myself, `I'm 40 years old. Who am I trying to impress?"'

So he went sans hair. Meanwhile, Woodbury also began growing a beard. The change has apparently been for the better. In his old toupee days he was told he looked like Buddy Hackett. Now he draws comparisons to Rob Reiner and Pernell Roberts. "Actually," says Woody, "I'm shooting for the Sean Connery look."

Of course, going without a toupee will end some of Woodbury's legendary gags involving the toupee. Once while speaking to the Tempe Touchdown Club he found he was on the program right after a stripper. When someone shouted to him to try and top the previous act, he took off the wig and threw it into the crowd.

The change has drawn mostly compliments. "I like it," says Woodbury. "Wearing hair is too much of a hassle. Besides, instead of combing my hair in the mornings these days all I've got to do is run a washcloth over it." Brad Rock