Two people have been appointed to the management team of Utah Venture Partners, a partnership which manages Utah Venture, formerly known as Utah Technology Venture Fund I, organized in 1986.

They are David C. Evans, chairman and co-founder of Evans and Sutherland, who will become a special limited partner, and Allan Wolfe, formerly general partner and co-founder of Hambrecht Life Science Ventures, a $50 million venture capital fund, who will be a general partner.The additions to the management team were made necessary by the May 17 death of Dr. Wayne S. Brown, noted Utah business figure who had been involved in venture capital development. Brown was killed in an airplane crash near Albuquerque.

The current UVP partners are Richard L. Shanaman and James C. Dreyfous with co-managing partners Joel Kellman and Impetus Inc.

Shanaman, who is president of Impetus Inc., also announced that Nick Vidalakis, a member of the board of directors of Impetus, will replace Brown as chairman of the board.