The "vision document" prepared for the greater Yellowstone area is too vague and should be rewritten to clarify plans for the area, Gov. Mike Sullivan says.

Sullivan announced that he has joined Montana Gov. Stan Stephens and Idaho Gov. Cecil Andrus in writing a letter urging the Greater Yellowstone Coordinating Committee to redraft the document and address controversy surrounding it."As a general matter . . . we suggest that you `say what you mean and mean what you say'," the letter said. "Clarification of ambiguities would undoubtedly help further your process of defining an acceptable coordinated Yellowstone management system."

The document proposes an integrated management plan for the area that would emphasize maintaining its "naturalness" while allowing some commodity use of the area to continue.

The three governors agreed the way the document is written, two conflicting conclusions could be drawn.

While one conclusion would be that the document calls for better national park management and better multiple-use management outside of parks, the second conclusion is that the document calls for an expansion of park boundaries that would restrict traditional uses on national forests.