For the first time, Hill Air Force Base has released a rough estimate of the number of its people who are in the Persian Gulf region for Operation Desert Storm: "more than 1,000."

Earlier, the Deseret News estimated that the figure was about twice that, but officers refused to give any information about the total. Now, however, the base has announced it deployed more than 1,000 people and shipped more than 2.5 million pounds of cargo to the region since August, when two tactical fighter squadrons roared off to the Middle East.Asked if more than 1,000 meant many more, one Hill official said the figure is probably fairly close to 1,000.

In addition, Hill has released the following list of units that have sent all or some of their members to the region:

- The 388th Tactical Fighter Wing, active-duty Air Force, the 4th and 421st Tactical Fighter Squadrons, each have deployed about two dozen F-16 Fighting Falcon jets.

- The 419th Tactical Fighter Wing, which is an Air Force Reserve unit, the 419th Medical Squadron. (Also, firefighters from the 419th were activated and are serving at Hill in place of people sent to the Persian Gulf.)

- The Ogden Air Logistics Center, based at Hill: personnel from the Aircraft Directorate, including aeronautical engineers; Commodities Directorate; Technology and Industrial Support Directorate, including supply and transportation specialists; Human Resources; Accounting and Finance.

- 2849th Air Base Group: security police, civil engineers, disaster preparedness experts, services specialists, and chaplain's office.

- 84th Radar Evaluation Squadron.

- 729th Tactical Control Squadron.

- 1881st Communications, Computer Support Group.

- 2701st Explosive Ordnance Disposal Squadron.

- 2952nd Combat Logistics Support Squadron.

- 1365th Audiovisual Squadron, Detachment 8.

- 17th Weather Squadron, Detachment 6.

- Air Force Commissary Service, Detachment 406.

- Air Force Office of Special Investigation, Detachment 1404.