Another Utah Valley business is receiving national praise for a progressive product being introduced to a global market.

The Orem-based Phonex Corp. manufactures and markets a new high-tech telecommunications product known as Wireless Phonejak.Wireless Phonejak is described as a patented technology breakthrough that allows any standard AC electrical outlet to instantly be turned into a telephone jack. It consists of two units. One, called the base, connects with the phone line and plugs into a standard electrical outlet. The second part, called an extension, plugs into any other power outlet in the house and then connects to any phone-line equipment device.

"What the Wireless Phonejak product does is instantly provide an entire home or small business with a telephone network through the existing electrical system, giving the flexibility of adding telephones and telephone signal devices anywhere there is an AC power outlet," said the company's president, John Knab.

The Phonex Corp. has received national recognition for introducing an "elegant solution to a truly global problem." Phonex was featured in the Dec. 31 Fortune magazine and in a September 1990 edition of Home Furnishings Digest.

Phonejak will be the launch pad for future products, said Knab. "We want to grow into a transfer-of-technology-function company."

Phonex plans to open a large distribution center in Salt Lake City by the end of January.

Since Phonejak's introduction Phonex has experienced phenomenal success, Knab said. The Phonejak System has been picked up by 31 manufacturing representatives across the United States. It was recently included in a US WEST mailer and is being marketed through a dozen major catalogs including American Express.

Knab said that within the next 24 months most major retail chains will be handling Phonejak.