Police are developing a list of potential suspects in a gang-related shooting incident Tuesday afternoon at Granger High School.

No one was injured, but at least one shot was fired from a rust-colored Audi containing seven or eight people displaying red bandanas worn by members of the "Bloods" gang.Police hoped to have a more definite list of potential suspects by late Wednesday.

The shooting was reported at 2:52 p.m., more than 40 minutes after school let out for the day at 2:10, and followed the exchange of gang hand gestures and obscenities between the occupants of the car and individuals standing outside the school from the rival "Crips" gang, said police Sgt. Randy Pond.

Witnesses told police that only one shot was fired by an occupant of the car, who climbed halfway out the car window and fired a handgun over the roof of the car toward a Granger student known by police to be affiliated with the Crips gang.

Damage to the school building would indicate that more than one shot may have been fired. "It did a lot of damage for just one shot," Pond said. Police do not know yet what caliber of weapon was used.

Pond said the youth standing closest to the line of fire, a male possibly 17 years old, was also the intended victim of a drive-by shooting several blocks from the school in October. The two incidents may be coincidental, and the person firing the shot may or may not have intended to hit the youth. "He missed by several feet. It could have been a bad shot, he may have meant just to scare them," Pond said.

Several people were standing near the youth closest to the line of fire and a lead fragment from the bullet landed on one girl's shoulder. "She just looked at it and brushed it off," Pond said. The fragment had ricocheted off off the building and did not hit the girl hard enough to have hurt her, he said.

An assistant principal at the school reported events at the school Wednesday morning were "as normal as they always are."