Age: 35Where born: Moab

Family: Husband, Richard; two daughters, Tralaye, 13, and Mallory, 4

Education: Licensed practical nurse, College of Eastern Utah, 1975

Primary products: Fresh-cut flowers and small gift items

Primary market: American Fork and Pleasant Grove

Number of employees: 4

Annual sales: $80,000 gross


First "real" job: Working in a Dairy Freeze in Moab.

Management style: Try to be fair and let employees do their own thing as long as they follow general guidelines.

Strategy for success: Always provide a win/win situation for employees, customers and yourself.

A memorable failure: Ordered too many flowers last Valentine's Day, about 1,000 roses at $2 each. I learned not be greedy - to order less than more.

Heroes: My parents, Charles and Ellen Nordfelt (now deceased), and my husband, Richard.

Leisure time and hobbies: Eating at restaurants, reading historical romance novels (I'm a romantic at heart), going to Lake Powell, skiing and snowmobiling.

Favorite book and movie: "Return from Tomorrow" and "Pollyanna."