A team of Brigham Young University professors has received the sixth annual Research Achievement Award for its accomplishments in signal processing (enhancement of sound and visual electronic signals).

Doug Chabries, assistant to the academic vice president for computing, and Richard Christiansen, professor of electrical engineering, accepted the award from BYU's Research Administration office during a recent research luncheon. Together, they have published more than 60 periodicals, have received 10 patents, and have overseen 23 doctoral dissertations and master's theses.Chabries, former chairman of the department of electrical and computer engineering, earned his doctorate from Brown University and his undergraduate degrees at the University of Utah and California Institute of Technology.

His primary emphasis is in electrical engineering with extensive background in research and development of signal processing systems. "Doug used his research to strengthen the department," Hardman said.

Chabries served as head of the Weapons Technology Division for Naval Oceans Systems Center in San Diego from 1977 to 1978 and was the associate head of the Electronics Division of that center in 1977 before joining BYU in 1978.

Christiansen joined the BYU faculty in 1978 after serving as a research associate at the University of Utah and as director of the Applied Sciences Division of the Eyring Research Institute.