New bills filedSB94 (Money) - Makes compliance with pesticide label directions and agency rules an affirmative defense for alleged misuse of pesticides.

SB95 (Ockey) - Prohibits unsolicited facsimile advertising and provides a penalty.

SB96 (Richards) - Enacts procedures to provide refunds for property tax overpayment.

SB97 (Richards) - Increases penalty maximums of the Utah Occupational and Health Safety Act to comply with federal requirements.

SB98 (Finlinson) - Directs the Division of Water Resources to develop the Bear River, authorize projects and appropriate $10 million in fiscal 1990-91 from the General Fund for future water development.

SB99 (Finlinson) - Allows charitable organizations be assigned as beneficiaries on life insurance policies.

SJR8 (McMullin) - Directs the Utah Arts Council to sponsor a Utah Christmas song contest with the winning song recommended to the Legislature as the official state Christmas song.

HB180 (Ostler) - Helps match qualified Utahns with the personnel needs of engineering and other businesses in Utah.

HCR14 (Bain) - Honors the late Rep. Stan Smedley for his service to community, church and state.

HJR14 (Ostler) - Recognizes several outstanding people for their exceptional work performed in remodeling of the Capitol.

HJR15 (Jones) - Honors Hogle Zoo on its 60th anniversary.