Midvale Elementary School students will be able to buy breakfast at school starting Feb. 18 for 60 cents a day. The school was chosen to pilot a breakfast option for Jordan District.

Brent D. Craig, district food services director, told school board members that he has consulted with five districts that now serve breakfasts and determined that a charge of 60 cents per meal would make the program self-sufficient. Students eligible for reduced prices will pay 30 cents and adults can have breakfast for $1.25.Craig said the district has adequate kitchen facilities to provide the program without major expenditures and has enough foods in its warehouse to conduct the pilot program. Originally, the district had contemplated testing two schools, but the board authorized just one, at Craig's suggestion.

Board members anticipated problems related to transportation. Some students arrive by bus just minutes before school begins. Walk-in students would be easily served, Craig said, and many who are bused are at the schools well ahead of starting time. Adjustment of bus schedules could be necessary to take the program districtwide, but other districts with extensive busing programs have been able to accommodate breakfast, he said.

Supervision of children who arrive at school early for breakfast also will have to be considered.

Board member Jane Callister also expressed concerns that Midvale Elementary may not provide a fair analysis for the project, since it has a high proportion of children who are eligible for reduced cost or free meals.

Craig said he is anxious to pursue the breakfast option because studies show that children perform better in school when they have had a morning meal. Many children come to school without eating, he said.