An Orange County deputy district attorney says a decision on whether charges will be filed against Southern Cal quarterback Todd Marinovich will be made within a couple of days.

Marinovich was arrested early Sunday morning for investigation of possession of cocaine."I have the case, I have the reports," deputy district attorney Mike Koski said Tuesday. "We want to have the substance weighed and analyzed."

Carl Ambrust, another Orange County deputy district attorney, said Marinovich will be treated like anybody else.

"If he had more than a gram of cocaine, he'll be charged with a felony," Ambrust said. "If it was less, he'll be charged with a misdemeanor. If it's right at a gram, we'll have to decide.

"If he's charged with a felony, he could go to prison, but he probably wouldn't. He's eligible to apply for a diversion program."

On Monday, a police spokesman said that tests proved that the white substance allegedly found on Marinovich was cocaine.

"What we originally thought was cocaine was in fact cocaine," Sgt. Andy Gonis of the Newport Beach Police said.

Gonis also said that an envelope containing four-tenths of a gram of marijuana allegedly was found on Marinovich, who recently was suspended from the Southern Cal team for missing a mandatory team meeting and not registering for spring classes.

Marinovich, 21, was arrested at 4:15 a.m. Sunday morning after he and three other men were cavorting down a street in this coastal city 40 miles southeast of Los Angeles, police said. The four were stopped by officers concerned about possible disturbances to neighbors.