Bombs exploded at two banks Wednesday, killing a security guard, in attacks apparently aimed at countries supporting the war against Iraq.

A powerful explosion ripped through the partly French-owned Fransabank in the eastern town of Baalbek shortly after midnight, killing the guard and inflicting severe damage, police reported.About six hours later, another bomb exploded at the Beirut-Riyadh Bank in Beirut, said a police spokesman, who under regulations cannot be identified.

There were no reports of injuries, but the explosion heavily damaged the ground floor offices of the bank owned by a joint Lebanese-Saudi firm.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility in the attacks, but the blasts raised to six the number of such attacks against Western and Saudi targets in Lebanon since the outbreak of the Persian Gulf war on Thursday.

Meanwhile, in Istanbul, Turkey, bombs exploded Wednesday morning at the offices of a U.S. missionary group and a shipping company with U.S. ties, slightly injuring one Turkish woman and causing extensive damage.

No one claimed responsibility for the first explosion. At the scene of the second blast the attackers left handbills signed by a leftist group protesting Turkey's involvement in the Persian Gulf war, said a reporter at the scene.