One hundred sixty-six organizations throughout Utah have qualified to participate in the Utah Arts Endowment Fund, according to Carol Nixon, director of the Utah Arts Council.

Interest from the Endowment Fund (comprising $2.3 million allocated for the arts by the 1990 Legislature and part of the Challenge II grant of $750,000 from the National Endowment for the Arts) will help stabilize and ensure the ongoing success of the organizations involved.Ninety-eight organizations will receive the minimum $2,500 amount, and 67 others will receive approximately 10.3 percent of their previous three years' average income. The Utah Symphony has agreed to a one-third reduction in the amount for which it qualifies, because of the $1 million endowment it received from the state last year.

Qualifying organizations must match money allocated to them from the endowment fund - requests up to $100,000 requiring a one-to-one match, and requests of $100,000-$500,000, a two-to-one match, with three years to raise the matching money.

Among the larger allocations are Ballet West, $396,730; Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art, Logan, $41,625; Kimball Art Center, Park City, $52,050; Ogden Symphony Ballet Association, $40,575; Pioneer Theatre Company, $173,175; Salt Lake Acting Company, $57,725; Sundance Institute, $194,475; Utah Arts Festival Foundation, $52,165; Utah Museum of Fine Arts, $102,175; Utah Opera Company, $111,775; Utah Shakespearean Festival, Cedar City, $105,575; and Utah Symphony, $368,050.