This winter's frigid temperatures have taken a financial and physical toll on Ogden's water works department, which has exhausted most of its overtime budget one month into the season.

Utilities in Brigham City, Farr West and Morgan also report being overextended by the cold snap that gripped the state during December.Since Dec. 22, the Ogden water department has received more than 700 calls from residents complaining of ice-packed water lines, broken pipes, leaks and other problems related to icy outdoor conditions.

Hundreds of others have called asking for information and advice, said Paul Hodson, water superintendent.

Subsequently, almost all of the overtime budget has been expended, when usually it "carries us through the whole year and we have some left," he said.

Crews have worked evenings, weekends and holidays, compiling nearly 1,600 hours of overtime since just before Christmas, Hodson said. Calls slacked off this week, although workers were called to fix two broken water mains over the weekend.