Two men who suffered electrical shock last week remained in critical condition Monday in the University Hospital in Salt Lake City.

Johnny Wakamatsu, 70, Pleasant Grove, and Steven Blake, 21, Provo, were hospitalized as a result of third-degree electrical burns they suffered Wednesday afternoon in northwest Provo. Wakamatsu was in critical but stable condition, and Blake was in critical and unstable condition, a nursing supervisor said.Two other victims, David Conley, 45, Salt Lake City, and Rusty Schweppe, 44, Orem, were treated and released last week.

Wakamatsu was shocked while he and fellow worker Schweppe were installing a sign at 225 W. 2230 North. While Wakamatsu was placing equipment in a truck, police said, the truck's boom-type ladder, operated by Schweppe, made contact with a 7,200-volt power line.

Wakamatsu was knocked unconscious by electrical shock, and when Schweppe attempted to pull him away from the truck, he too was shocked.

Blake, a passer-by who tried to help the two men, also fell victim to electrical shock when he ventured too close to the truck, which was still grounded to the power line.

Conley, who noticed the accident from a nearby office building, hurried to the scene and pulled Wakamatsu and Schweppe to safety. When he attempted to help Blake, however, he also suffered electrical shock.