A reduction of some 100 jobs at Unisys Corp.'s Salt Lake operations will take place over the next few months, the company confirmed.

Reports that Unisys would lay off 300 people at the local operation are "way off," according to a company spokeswoman who asked that her name not be used."What this is, is a part of a larger reduction in force that was announced last October by (Unisys President James Unruh)," the spokeswoman said.

At that time Unruh said the corporate "downsizing" would affect some 5,000 jobs throughout the company. Unisys employs some 80,000 worldwide, of which 3,000 are in Salt Lake City. Unruh said in October the reductions would be focused on administrative overhead, marketing and planning, engineering and manufacturing operations and services.

"So this really small downsize in Salt Lake is part of that," the spokeswoman said, adding that all those who will be affected have been notified. In any case, she said, they will not be let go until March or even as late as June.

She said the company will try to avoid direct layoffs as much as possible through attrition and by offering incentives for early retirement and for voluntary departures.

"Most of those affected are old-timers," she said, "and a lot will be able to take advantage of early retirement. Some might also be transferred."

The reductions, she said, affect the local Distribution Center, which is part of the company's Network Computing Group. "That group's corporate focus is in San Jose, so with the reorganization, some of our people may be transferred there."

She said both white- and blue-collar jobs are affected, including accounting, production control - anyone associated with the Distribution Center. The center employs about 100, she said, so that is likely the maximum number that will be affected.